Minding the shop with network video

Network video provides a solution for the small business owner needing to keep control

"I can pinpoint problems and identify who did what, which notonly eliminated stock losses but also improved quality becausepeople are accountable. It used to be nobody’s fault, but now wecan see whose fault it really was," Hermann Erdmann, BusinessOwner, HiQ Lifestyle.


HiQ Lifestyle is a fitment center in Germiston, South Africa fitting tires, batteries, shock absorbers and exhausts. Like most such centers, it is wide open to the public and a hive of activity most of the day, with customers coming and going and staff constantly handling stock that has wide appeal and is highly tradable. Also like most such centers, control of stock to prevent what is euphemistically called ‘shrinkage’ is a constant battle.


Cirrus Techvue, a system integrator and network specialist, installed 4 AXIS 210 and 3 AXIS 206 fixed network cameras, and an AXIS 206W wireless network camera. The fixed cameras monitor the shop floor, storeroom, entrance areas and building perimeter, while the wireless camera is moved around as needed and even used as a one-way “video conferencing” unit. Two external cameras are linked via wireless bridges to simplify installation. A PC running Milestone XProtect® Professional monitoring software displays and records the video data and allows review and retrieval of historical information. Approximately one month’s video history is kept for reference.


The system not only delivered on the expectation of controlling stock loss and allowing the owner to keep tabs on the business when away, but became a significant factor in improving quality standards. Having a video record of activity on the shop floor made it possible to identify unambiguously who carried out which jobs.

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