Moscow hospital monitoring and security

Axis helps Moscow hospital monitor patients and increase security

"With the new network video surveillance system in operation, wecan enhance treatment and monitoring of our patients. Medicalstaff is alerted immediately if a child needs emergency care," saidDr. Leonid Roshal, general director of the Institute of Children’sEmergency Surgery and Traumatology. "Our patients – childrenwith serious injuries or recovering from surgery - are the mostvulnerable and we need to ensure we provide high quality and fastmedical treatment 24 hours a day."


The Institute for Children’s Emergency Surgery and Traumatology in Moscow needed cutting-edge technology solutions for its new surgery ward to provide improved medical care to children with serious injuries and in need of emergency medical care, as well as to secure the hospital premises with a reliable video surveillance system.


To address its needs, the hospital decided to install network video surveillance systems for both medical and security purposes. Axis network cameras were recommended to the hospital management by EcoProg, which had been hired to implement the high-tech video systems as a part of engineering infrastructure also being installed by EcoProg. “We have worked with Axis before and are familiar with their state-of-the-art digital network cameras,” said Andrey Vorobyov, chief of the security systems department at EcoProg. “This was a complex task for an important site, so we needed to ensure we used the most reliable equipment to satisfy the hospital’s demands.” Network cameras were chosen over analog cameras because of their flexibility, quality, ease of installation and use, as well as cost-efficiency.

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