AXIS Q7900 Rack

High-density rack solution for demanding video surveillance

  • Slots for 14 hot-swappable blades
  • Four Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • Redundant power supplies
  • Hot-swappable fan cassettes

Ideal for large, professional installations

AXIS Q7900 is a 4U, 19-inch rack that holds up to 14 hot-swappable blades.  The rack is one of the industry’s highest-density rack solutions, enabling up to 84 analog cameras to be integrated into an IP-based video surveillance system. It is ideal for large, professional installations that require outstanding performance and reliability, as well as ease of installation and maintenance.


AXIS Q7900 offers flexibility and support for an expanding video surveillance system. When the rack is fully equipped with AXIS Q7406 Video Encoder Blades, 84 analog cameras can be supported. With four ports supporting Gigabit Ethernet, the rack can deliver multiple video streams from each of the 84 channels.


AXIS Q7900 is a highly reliable unit. It has two redundant power supply units; if one of the power supplies needs to be replaced, no disruption to the rack's operation will occur. AXIS Q7900 also has hot-swappable fan cassettes that can be replaced without the need to cut off power.

The rack supports PTZ and PTZ dome control through six RS-485 connectors at the back of each slot. Each slot also has connections for 12 external input and/or output devices, which allow for external alarm triggers and control of devices such as doors or lights in an event.

Compatible video encoder blades

AXIS Q7900 Video Encoder Rack is a 4U, 19-inch rack that holds up to 14 hot-swappable blades. Blades can be added or changed without having to power down the rack. Any combination of blades — whether they are 1-, 4- or 6-channel blades can be used.

Blade No. of

Video compression* Frames per second

in max. resolution
External inputs/outputs PTZ support Audio
AXIS P7224 4 H.264 Multiple streams

at 30/25 in D1

per channel 

Motion JPEG
AXIS Q7406 6 H.264 Multiple streams

at 30/25 in D1

per channel 

Motion JPEG
AXIS Q7414 4 H.264 Multiple streams

at 30/25 in D1

per channel 

Motion JPEG
AXIS 243Q 4 MPEG-4 30/25 in 4CIF

per channel 
Motion JPEG
AXIS 241Q 4 MPEG-4 21/17 in 4CIF using

1 channel, 20/17

in CIF per channel

using 4 channels 
Motion JPEG 30/25 in 4CIF using 1 channel, 30/25 in CIF per channel

using 4 channels 


* H.264 is also known as MPEG-4 Part 10/AVC. In the table, MPEG-4 refers to MPEG-4 Part 2.

Frame rate = NTSC/PAL

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