AXIS Q6034-E PTZ Dome Network Camera

Outdoor-ready for high-speed HDTV surveillance

  • HDTV 720p,day/night and H.264
  • 18x optical zoom and 220° tilt
  • Outdoor-ready with Arctic Temperature Control
  • Active Gatekeeper and tour recording
  • High Power over Ethernet

Outstanding performance

The outdoor-ready AXIS Q6034-E PTZ Dome Camera provides HDTV 720p, 18x optical zoom and high-speed pan/tilt performance for coverage of wide areas and great detail when zooming in.

Compliance with SMPTE standard

AXIS Q6034-E offers a rich viewing experience. The HDTV 720p complies with the SMPTE 296M standard regarding a 1280x720 pixel resolution, full frame rate, HDTV color fidelity and a 16:9 format. The day and night AXIS Q6034 supports multiple H.264 and Motion JPEG video streams. H.264 greatly optimizes bandwidth and storage use without compromising image quality.

Reliable operation in extreme climates

The IP66-, NEMA 4X- and IK10-rated AXIS Q6034-E requires no external housing. Its unique Arctic Temperature Control ensures camera start-up, even at -40 °C (-40 °F).

Exceptional zoom

AXIS Q6034-E provides 18x optical and 12x digital zoom with autofocus. Due to its HDTV resolution, the camera's 18x zoom provides not only a level of detail that is comparable to a 36x-zoom, 4CIF camera, but also the extra advantage of a wider, 16:9 field of view.

The camera also has a fast and precise pan/tilt response at 450° per second. It can tilt 20° above the horizon, enabling better views, especially over uneven terrain.

Advanced PTZ functionalities

With Active Gatekeeper, the camera can automatically move to a preset position upon motion detection in a pre-defined area, and track the detected object.

The camera also enables easy setup of an automatic tour using the tour recording functionality, which enables a device such as a joystick to be used to record an operator’s pan/tilt/zoom movements and length of time spent at each point of interest. The tour can then be activated at a touch of a button or at a scheduled time.

Power over Ethernet for easy installation

A 1-port High PoE midspan is supplied with the camera

Support for High Power over Ethernet (High PoE) simplifies installation since only one cable is required for power, video and PTZ controls. A High PoE midspan is supplied with the camera.

Note: Mounting brackets are sold separately

AXIS Q6034-E Network Camera

AXIS Q6034-E PTZ Dome Network Camera provides HDTV coverage of large areas, great details when zooming in, and high-speed pan/tilt performance.

See video of how AXIS Q6034-E helped an expedition team on a sailboat navigate and document its crossing through the Canadian Arctic's Northwest Passage to become the first sailboat to achieve this feat. Press release.

The following video clips from AXIS Q6034-E are recorded in HDTV 720p mode at full frame rate, but is by default set to playback at a lower resolution. To play at a higher resolution, click the play button first and then select the setting and screen size using the menu items on the bottom right of the playback window. For optimal viewing, your computer and graphics card must be able to support playback in HDTV.

RANEPA (Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy & Public Administration)

Axis cameras ensure security for Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration

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AXIS Companion

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AXIS Camera Station

Ideální řešení pro potřeby aktivního dohledu v instalacích střední velikosti

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