AXIS Live Privacy Shield

Versatile dynamic privacy masking

  • Safeguards privacy

  • Real-time, edge-based dynamic masking

  • Motion-based masking

  • AI-based masking for select DLPU cameras

  • Free download

AXIS Live Privacy Shield makes it easy to remotely monitor activities while safeguarding privacy. The versatile, edge-based application enables compatible cameras to dynamically mask moving objects, humans or the background in real time in live and recorded video at no extra cost. AXIS Live Privacy Shield supports two different methods of privacy protection.

Motion-based dynamic masking

For all compatible cameras, the application supports live, full frame rate motion-based masking. Any pixel changes (essentially due to moving people and objects) as compared with a set background are masked. You can define how often the background should automatically update. This functionality supports strict privacy requirements and is designed for use in indoor scenes with good, stable lighting. It’s suitable for manufacturing facilities, stores and other sites where the environmental conditions for motion-based masking are met.

AI-based dynamic masking

AI-based masking works in varying light and dark settings.

AXIS Live Privacy Shield also enables AI-based masking, which is supported in selected cameras with a deep-learning processing unit (DLPU). With AI-based masking, the application analyzes live video for human forms, and you can mask either humans (moving and stationary) or the inverse (background) instead. This functionality enables dynamic masking at 10 frames per second and is applicable for near-range indoor and outdoor scenes in places like manufacturing facilities, hospitals, elderly care homes, hotels, schools, offices and stores. While this functionality is suitable for more scenarios than the motion-based functionality, it has limitations in certain instances.

Masking type and area

AXIS Live Privacy Shield allows you to choose between color or mosaic (pixel) masking. Color masking provides the greatest privacy protection while enabling you to see movements. Mosaic masking shows moving objects or humans in very low resolutions and allows you to better distinguish forms by seeing an object’s colors.

By default, the application applies dynamic masking to the camera’s entire field of view. But you can easily define areas with no masking if that’s what you need – for example, when you use motion-based masking and want to view moving objects on a conveyer belt with a defined "exclude" area.

More choices

AXIS Live Privacy Shield can deliver simultaneous video streams with dynamic masking (A) and without (B). In the (A) video stream, an "exclude" area with no dynamic masking is applied in the cash register area.

The application lets you simultaneously use the camera’s standard static privacy masking feature together with dynamic masking. Static privacy masking can be applied in areas where masking is permanently needed.

Compatible cameras can also run AXIS Live Privacy Shield and the standard AXIS Video Motion Detection analytics simultaneously. And more relevant for cameras using the AI-based functionality, you can schedule when the privacy application should be applied and removed. You may, for instance, want to remove privacy after hours and during weekends and use another edge-based analytics application, such as AXIS Object Analytics, instead.

You can also choose to configure the system to simultaneously deliver a separate video stream with no masking, so authorized viewers can access details for forensic purposes in case of an incident.

Efficient and easy

AXIS Live Privacy Shield helps address rules and regulations protecting privacy and personal data. It’s efficient, and easy to implement and configure. Simply upload the free application onto a compatible Axis camera; no expensive central servers are needed for the analytics.

Download software

The latest version of this software is 2.0.1
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The latest version of the application can be installed on compatible Axis cameras with firmware 10.5 or higher. If your camera does not have the latest firmware, see how to upgrade the firmware.

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