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Free upgrade of (AXIS Camera Station 3 & 4) Channel licenses to Core Device licenses with AXIS Camera Station version 5.17 and above. During the upgrade, you may be requested to contact Axis for verification of your existing license key(s).

From AXIS Camera Station version 5.17, the limit of maximum 32 Core Device Licenses per system is removed. This means that Universal Device Licenses are no longer needed for systems containing only Axis devices.

Trial mode

When adding new devices to the system, a trial period of 30 days is offered for the newly added devices.

How many licenses do I need?

Information regarding AXIS Camera station 4.

From AXIS Camera Station 5.0, each Axis device requires one AXIS Camera Station Core Device license. For third party cameras, one Universal Device license is required for each IP address. Some Axis network cameras contain more than one image sensor, they only require one device license.


Product name

Product Type
Number of sensors/
analog cameras that
can be connected

Number of Licenses

AXIS P3367

Network Camera 1 1


Network Camera 4 1


Network Camera 4 1

AXIS P7216

Video Encoder 16 1
AXIS C1310-E Network Horn Speaker N/A 1*
AXIS A1001 Physical AccessControl N/A 1*
AXIS A1601 Network Door Controller N/A 1***
AXIS A9161 I/O audio module N/A 1

AXIS T8705

Video Decoder N/A 1
AXIS S3008  Network Video Recorder N/A 0**


* Currently, and until further notice, one Core Device license is included in the products listed below. There is no need to buy additional licenses when purchasing such product.

Applies to: A1001, A9188/-VE, A9161, C1004-E, C1310-E, C1410, C2005, C3003-E, C8033, C8210

**AXIS S30 Series are recorders, not traditional devices; therefore, they do not require an AXIS Camera Station license. Note that there are no AXIS Camera Station licenses included in AXIS S30 Recorder Series.

***The AXIS A1601 does not include a core device license as it has full and unified support within AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry. The license included in the AXIS A1001 is due to limited functionality along with the AXIS Entry Manager which handles access control with some basic integration to the AXIS Camera Station.

PT Head Cameras Q8721 and Q8722 are two separate cameras sold as a bundle, thus they require two device licenses in AXIS Camera Station.

You can easily calculate the licenses required for your system using our License Calculator.

How do I purchase the licenses?

Buy AXIS Camera Station licenses from our partners. Use our partner locator to find the right Axis partner for you.


The AXIS Camera Station licenses are available using electronic delivery, this is the recommended way of licensing. When eLicenses are ordered there will be no physical delivery. Compared with traditional software licensing, eLicensing generates savings on delivery times, delivery costs, distribution costs, storage space and environmental impact.

Any number of licenses can be ordered at once (i.e. 9 Core Device Licenses, 57 Universal Device Licenses…) but a separate order must be placed for each server.

Traditional licenses

Regular licenses are available in packs of either 1, 4, 16 or 32 for Core Device Licenses and packs of 1, 4, 10 or 20 for Universal Device Licenses, except for in North America (please use eLicenses instead). From AXIS Camera Station version 5.17 and above, an unlimited number of Core Device Licenses may be added to an AXIS Camera Station Server. 

Type of licenses

Core Device licenses

Core Device licenses apply to Axis devices such as Axis network cameras.

Universal Device licenses

Universal Device licenses can be used for Axis devices or to add Third party device support.


Core Device licenses can be upgraded to Universal Device licenses thanks to an AXIS Camera Station Core to Universal Upgrade License. It is primarily used when one wants to use an existing Core Device license for a third party device. One of these licenses in combination with a standard Core license gives one Universal license.
Do NOT use this for upgrades from prior version of AXIS Camera Station. E-License article number: 0879-030. Printed license article number (Not available in North America, please use eLicenses in this region instead): 1-pack, 0879-130. 5-pack, 0879-140. 10-pack, 0879-150. 20-pack, 0879-160.

When adding new devices to the system, a trial period of 30 days is offered for the newly added devices.

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The latest version of this software is 5.40.346
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Migration guide 5.13

Migration guide 5.0

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The latest version of this software is 5.40.346
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NOTE: 64 bit only

License information

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AXIS Camera Station allows for easy addition of licenses. See: License information and Hardware guidelines


AXIS Camera Station version 5 Licenses
UNIVERSAL Device License:   0879-020
CORE Device License:   0879-010
Upgrade AXIS Camera Station version 4 and below to verison 5 Licenses
AXIS Camera Station 4 to CORE:   Free (no license required)
AXIS Camera Station 4 To UNIVERSAL UPG:   0879-040

Printed license
License calculator


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