Vigilance in HDTV quality

ABEX warehouse facilities equipped with Axis surveillance technology

“Axis’s network technology was precisely the right choice for our needs. In terms of both image resolution and functionality it offers everything exactly as we’d envisioned it. Not only is our ABEX facility more secure–we also have a convincing surveillance solution for our customers in our portfolio.“ Oliver Kreuseler, responsible for Data Networking and Communications Technology Sales for HS–C. HEMPELMANN SCHÖNEBECK KG.


HS-C. HEMPELMANN SCHÖNEBECK KG maintains five field facilities, so-called ABEX facilities, where construction companies can quickly and easily procure material and tools for their building sites. Since the 1990s, HS-C. HEMPELMANN SCHÖNEBECK KG has been monitoring three of these facilities with analog cameras. Because analog technology has become less dependable over the years and its range of functions is no longer up to date, it was time for an extensive modernization of the facility.


The new technology should continue to reliably protect the properties from theft and break-ins and scare off potential criminals. In addition, it should be a digital solution and network-compatible. Furthermore, the company wanted high-quality images and support for modern compression standards in order to reduce network load as much as possible. HS-C. HEMPELMANN SCHÖNEBECK KG installed 20 AXIS P3344 fixed dome cameras to monitor the crucial areas of both facilities. AXIS P3344 offers a resolution in HDTV 720 quality and complies with the SMPTE standard with regard to resolution, color rendering and frame rate. Thanks to its large dynamic range and day and night functionality the camera delivers clear images by daylight as well as during poor lighting conditions.


The cameras are networked with one video server each in the ABEX facilities. The head office can also call up surveillance images over the Internet. The AXIS Camera Station video management software installed on the video server is recording and displaying the video images. In case of an incident, video images can be quickly provided to the investigating authorities through a simple search function and event management. Video people counters are also employed in foyers and entrance halls. A software plug-in in the cameras recognizes people and can thereby determine the exact number of visitors to the facility by day and hour.

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