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Axis network cameras secure an automotive museum

“In the museum the video surveillance system does the duties of several attendants and in many ways is more efficient than a human in monitoring the costly objects. For example, when the security operator detects an incident on the screen he can immediately take actions, e.g. by addressing the intruder via the loudspeaker or call the police. The video record archive can be used for forensic analysis in case of investigation. The reliability and excellent capabilities of Axis IP cameras guaranty the highest level of security for the museum exhibits.” Security operator at the “20th Century AUTO” Museum.


In May 2018, Verkhnyaya Pyshma welcomed the opening of the UMMC Automotive Museum “20th Century AUTO” housing the largest collection of retro cars, motorcycles and bicycles in Russia. A four-storied exhibition center dedicated to this museum covers an area of 12,000 square meters and represents more than 300 models with over a century background lying behind many of them. Since this collection is quite expensive and publicly available, it needs protection not only from deliberate vandalism and theft, but also from random damages caused by visitors.


Apart from the construction of a permanent site for the museum UMMC-Telecom also took the lead on fitting the exhibition center with a security system. The focus was brought on a high-quality IP video surveillance system capable of integrating with various video management programs and having an extensive functionality enough to support the security staff and view the archived video files. Finally, the museum management found Axis IP cameras to be the best solution for their challenges.


Now about 130 Axis IP cameras, including conventional dome and PTZ cameras as well as multi-sensor cameras, are installed inside the museum and along the perimeter of the exhibition center. The video surveillance system is integrated with automatic fire alarm system. The video streams from all the cameras are viewed in the CCTV control room providing 24/7 video surveillance managed by Milestone software (convenient setup via Milestone Optimizer) and also stored in the archive. In the nearest future UMMC plans to expand the museum and to use the advantages of the new video analysis capabilities of Axis network cameras.

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