Checking the instant replay

Ontario Hockey League relies on Axis broadcast-quality network cameras to help officials rule on goals and penalties

“Having high-definition Axis cameras on the nets with the ability to record at 60 frames per second helps us instantly confirm or correct the referee’s call on the ice. Integrating the TV broadcast feeds into AXIS Camera Station video management software has been an extra bonus, allowing us to review every goal and penalty from multiple angles.” Conrad Hache, Director of Officiating, Ontario Hockey League.


Hockey is a game of fast action. A slap shot can hurl a puck down the ice over 145 kilometers an hour. The attack zone is often a blur of sticks and skates as players scrabble for control. Confirming goals and penalties in this melee with video cameras that maxed out at 30 frames per second was proving nearly impossible. Ontario Hockey League (OHL) needed faster, higher resolution recording technology to do the job right.


The league turned to Northern Alarm Protection (NAP), a systems integrator and Axis partner, for help. NAP installed a combination of two AXIS V59 PTZ Network Cameras directed on the nets and one AXIS Q16 camera directed on the game clock at each of the league’s 20 ice rinks. The cameras are controlled by AXIS Camera Station video management software that incorporates a customized software interface to dual-stream the live video remotely to game officiators at league headquarters and to the local network TV station broadcasting the game. AXIS Camera Station also accepts the network TV camera feeds into the instant replay system, allowing officials to review every penalty and goal from multiple camera angles before rendering a final decision on a referee’s call.


With the ability to zoom in frame-by-frame on the video, officials are more confident in their reviews of referees’ calls and are able to render their decisions in a matter of seconds which keeps the game moving. The HDTV-quality of the Axis cameras also gives the league’s corporate partners greater visibility of their advertising space behind the goalie nets.

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