Hang Ten improves customer tracking and store management with Axis network video

“Images provided by Axis network cameras are clear and excellent, and we are also able to use such cameras for smart surveillance and remote monitoring of the products at our retail stores to effectively cut our management costs.“ Vice President, Department of Information, Hang Ten.


Pursuing a brand identity repositioning program, a lowprice apparel retail chain leader had a new-generation video surveillance system implemented when the company was remodeling its retail stores. This was an attempt to reduce transaction disputes and keep a record of how customers move on the premises as well as their product preferences in order to provide a reference for product development and marketing decisions.


Axis partner, Alpha Pricing Co., Ltd., proposed Axis network cameras to Hang Ten. The proposed Axis network cameras, supported by AXIS Camera Station, a video management platform that is easy to operate, ensured the security of Hang Ten retail stores. Additional Axis network cameras will be deployed at more than 900 retail stores throughout Mainland China and Taiwan, and each retail store has 2-5 Axis HDTV network cameras including AXIS M1014 and AXIS M5014.


With the Axis digital surveillance technology solution, Hang Ten was able to effectively resolve transaction disputes and help its managers remotely monitor how products are displayed and sold on premises. Hang Ten also plans to have video analysis software implemented in order to gather information on consumer behavior and preferences, which will be transformed into valuable data as an important reference for sales and marketing strategies.

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