Intersport Megastore in Roermond uses Axis network cameras

IP cameras ensure efficient store monitoring and loss prevention

“In addition to the preventative effect, a couple of times we have also identified people who have left the store without paying. We can make excellent use of the clear images to inform both staff at our own store and those at other stores about these people.“ Leon Joosten, Floor Manager, Intersport Roermond.


At 4,000 square meters in size, the Intersport Megastore in Roermond is a prominent member of the International Intersport organization. The retail store, located in a 35,000 square meter retail park in the south of the Netherlands, is open 363 days a year. A large surface area implies a large number of visitors and a wide range of products. Under these conditions video surveillance is an absolute necessity in order to be able to manage everything well.


Intersport chose IP-based surveillance systems, chiefly because of how easy they are to implement and use. These IP systems allow both images and power to run through the same cable, which saves a retail store of this size thousands of meters of cables. IP systems also offer the best options for the future. In the summer of 2009, an order was placed for 25 Axis network cameras and AXIS Camera Station software. Their implementation went smoothly and one week later the HP camera server went live. Installing the software proved extremely simple and the system worked perfectly from the start.


The cameras have a highly preventative effect. Intersport has noticed that the number of stock shrinkage problems has dropped significantly. Both customers and staff state they have no problems with the camera surveillance. It does nothing but increase security.

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