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Axis helps GM 4S Stores build visual eServices

Customers have expressed their comfort and joy in being able to view the real-time repair and maintenance situation of their vehicles in lounges or at home.“ General Motors 4S Store Manager.


In order to raise customer satisfaction and provide personalized services, General Motors 4S Stores built E-Servers so that customers can visit the 4S Stores via the Internet in the comfort of their homes. They can check the status at any time and obtain prompt information on the condition of their vehicles. To turn this new service into a reality, video surveillance systems and complementary management software were installed in 600 4S Stores across the country to achieve real-time transmission of videos of license plate recognition, inspection, fault verification, repair and maintenance.


In line with the needs of customers, AXIS P1344 Network Cameras have been installed at the entrance to the inspection lanes of the 4S Stores to ensure that the license plate is captured clearly. AXIS M1114 is used in the work area to carry out concurrent surveillance and ensure that license plate information is shown. License plate images on vehicles entering the inspection lanes are captured and sent to the E-Server platform, which then processes and classifies the information. A link is then generated on the 4S Store website, and users can login with their account and password and click on the link to view the real-time situation of their vehicles in the 4S Store.


After the launch of E-servers, customers are able to view the real-time conditions of their vehicles via the Internet anytime, anywhere. They can even view the entire repair or maintenance process of their vehicles by simply downloading a special app on their iPad or other terminals. This innovative service model greatly enhances the service level of General Motors 4S Stores and raises customer satisfaction.

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