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Empowering knowledge

We specialize in learning. To learn is to understand and be able to apply what you have been taught.

Through dedicated trainers and dynamic learning methods, Axis Communications’ Academy empowers you to deliver high quality surveillance solutions.

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Axis Communications' Academy Course Catalog (corporate)

Let us guide you!

Not sure which Axis training is right for you? We have packaged three suggested learning tracks tailored to the specific needs following the project process for smartest surveillance solutions.

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Axis Certification Program

Master your knowledge

Axis Certification Program allows skilled professionals to verify and validate their competence within surveillance solutions.

Authenticated by a highly trusted independent institute, it gives you worldwide confirmation of your expertise.

Axis system design tools

Design for success with Axis tools

When designing and specifying a surveillance system with Axis cameras, our online and app-based system design tools save you time and ensure the best results. Axis system design tools