Setting new standards for ethics

Axis implemented a new global code of conduct during 2020. The updates cover business ethics, equality, diversity, health and safety, working conditions and human rights, and explain the company’s core values. All Axis employees and the board of directors are required to comply, and all new employees were trained in the new guidelines over the year.


Prioritizing inclusion

During 2020, Axis took further steps to strengthen our stance on zero tolerance for discrimination and harassment. Incidents related to gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, nationality, religion, age, marital status, disability, or any other form of unlawful discrimination are investigated promptly and with the help of an independent third party.


Progress on our circularity

Discarded electronics are one of the world’s fastest growing sources of waste. During 2020, Axis participated in a project to explore the transition to a more circular and biobased economy. The result identified the reduce, reuse and recycle initiatives already in place, and revealed the steps needed to progress further on our journey to circularity.


Putting more energy into less

Up to 80% of a network camera’s total environmental impact is from energy consumption over its lifecycle. That’s why Axis has committed to pursue 3-5 new energy efficiency projects annually until 2023. One of 2020’s results was the launch of Lightfinder 2.0, a technology to improve image quality without the need for external light.


Making a material difference

Building on the previous year’s progress, 34% of all cameras produced in 2020 were free from brominated and chlorinated flame retardants (BFR and CFR). The goal to phase out BFR and CFR completely was also formalized in our Road Map Directive, a 5 year plan toward product development that sets an industry standard for sustainability and green design.


Improving CO2 transparency

Axis analyzes and reports CO2 emissions annually. But the majority of our carbon footprint is from third parties. That’s why, as of 2020, the Axis Carbon Footprint report includes emissions from all contract manufacturers. We also updated our goals for fossil-free energy use in manufacturing and logistics centers to 50% by 2024, and 100% by 2030.


Strengthening IT security

2020 saw a number of new IT threats and challenges, not least the increased risks associated with remote working due to COVID-19. Over the year, Axis provided partners and customers training in cybersecurity issues and evolving regulations such as GDPR. We also neutralized two potential security flaws discovered during an internal software audit.


Moving in with sustainability

The new Axis 1300-workplace head office was completed in 2020. In line with our sustainability commitment, considerations for materials, energy, water, waste, outdoor environment, biodiversity and alternatives for sustainable commuting were all included in its design. The result is official BREEAM certification, with a rating of ”Excellent.”

The complete sustainability report 2020