No conflict minerals in our products

Axis works to ensure that our products do not contain any conflict minerals such as gold, tantalum, tin, or tungsten that finance armed conflicts.

We do not accept, tolerate or engage in any sourcing activities which may finance conflicts or involve any form of violation of human rights or compulsory labor.

Axis follows recommendations and guidelines from the Responsible Business Alliance and the Global e-Sustainability Initiative regarding taking social responsibility in the entire supply chain.


Controlling hazardous substances

Axis works hard to restrict any hazardous substances in our electrical and electronic equipment.

We make sure to follow the EU’s directive on collecting and recycling electrical and electronic equipment, as well as meeting the requirements in the EUs regulation on Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals, (REACH) to control/eliminate dangerous substances.


Parties with specific concerns and information regarding circumstances of extraction, trade, handling and export of minerals in conflict-affected and high-risk areas as they pertain to Axis product supply chains may voice their concern.