Axis acquires 2N, the number one company in IP intercom

Peter Lindström, VP New Business at Axis Communications, can you tell us a bit more about 2N?

It’s an interesting and successful company. According to IHS, 2N is the number one player in the field of IP intercom. They also operate in other areas, such as IP audio and IP lift intercom. They have about 200 employees and are headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic.

Why does Axis acquire 2N?

The acquisition supports our ambition to contribute to a smarter and safer world. There is an increased demand for integrated solutions with open standards that deliver enhanced security. Together with 2N we can meet that demand. 2N has a complete product portfolio within IP intercom and lift communications as well as interesting products within IP Audio. Their well-established sales channels will serve as a complement to our own global sales channels. At the same time 2N can benefit from Axis’ strong market positon and R&D resources. By acquiring 2N we can address a growing market faster and together drive the convergence from analogue two- and four-wire systems towards IP technology and make the customer benefit from open and non-proprietary solutions.

Will 2N continue to operate independently?

The 2N brand will remain, and the company will operate as a subsidiary within the Axis group. Our joint operations will concern knowledge sharing and assisting each other in R&D and market access. We plan for development and growth for Axis as well as for 2N that will lead to close cooperation between the companies and the employees. An important joint task is to accelerate the convergence from analog systems towards IP intercom and develop new opportunities.

When did the deal close?

The acquisition of 2N is effective May 30, 2016.


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