Smarter, safer world

A smarter, safer world

Contributing to a smarter, safer world

We all want to feel safe and secure, it’s a basic human need. It comes way before in the hierarchy of needs than esteem or self-actualisation. However, we all perceive that security differently. There are cultural and geographical differences in this perception and also a correlation to the actual level of security based on the individual’s knowledge of the situation or based on the sequence of events that have occurred historically.

Axis offers security solutions that contribute to crime prevention and help law enforcement solve criminal cases and by then create a smarter, safer world. The real and perceived effectiveness of surveillance cameras in deterring crime is a major reason why public opinion polls show an increasingly positive attitude towards the use of them in public places.

Smart solutions

Despite safety, Axis offers smart solutions with cutting edge technologies such as remote monitoringLightfinder technology, ease of installation and also the possibility to integrate customer analytics functionalities. Our customers can optimize their business, gain business intelligence and reduce carbon footprint by taking part of the material remotely.

Intelligent security solutions, including network cameras, are also crucial building blocks for constructing the environmentally and socially sustainable cities of the future. Network cameras are also used in a smart way to for example monitor traffic flow in Russiacritical infrastructure in China and other key functions helping customers to protect their business and optimize their processes.