Keeping the doors open amidst a health crisis

For the Secretary of Health of the state of Tabasco, the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic reinforced the need for an upgraded video surveillance system to ensure that they could safely continue normal operations

"Management through AXIS Camera Station software makes monitoring video a friendly and intuitive process, which has opened up the possibility of preventing risky situations and providing a sense of security to the extreme." Jesus Santiago Sanchez, Director of the Technology Projects Area at the Tabasco Secretary of Health.


The Secretary of Health in Tabasco, Mexico, is headquartered in a building that serves as the base of operation for more than 1200 administrative personnel. In addition to its employees, the Secretary of Health attracts hundreds of people every day who need to file paperwork or obtain information. Given the pandemic caused by COVID-19, the Secretary had to find a safe way to continue critical operations. Security personnel needed to control the flow of people in and out of the building and to register their contact information for contact tracing if an exposure was reported. Their existing analog CCTV system did not provide the quality images and easy search options that they required of a video surveillance system under such conditions.


The Secretary of Health turned to Axis partner Radikal Systems to design and install new Axis IP cameras to replace the obsolete analog system. The solution included Axis M-line network video products and AXIS Camera Station video management software. In a series of design tests, Radikal Systems concluded that only 24 Axis network cameras were needed to replace the 60 analog devices.


With excellent coverage of all facilities, ideal video image quality, and fewer cameras, the new video surveillance system is now equipped to provide better service. The system can track the flow of people in and out of the building, identify incidents that may occur, and perform intelligent searches of video to reduce investigation times. With the new system in place, the Secretary of Health is ready to begin a second phase of the project, which includes the integration of video analytics to ensure compliance with health standards and to prevent contagion.

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