How HNK provides a quick and easy parking experience

New access control solution provides clear overview of parking occupancy at a glance

“HNK Den Bosch was looking for an access control system to simplify management of the communal parking lot for tenants and for the central reception desk. The access control solution offered by Bluefield and Axis provides a clear overview of parking occupancy at a glance.” Pieter van Liebergen, Sales Manager at Bluefield Smart Access.


HNK is a flexible office concept offering workplaces as well as office space and meeting rooms for a wide range of tenants. Due to the multi-tenant aspect, employees and visitors from different companies use a communal parking lot. There used to be a “first come, first served” policy, which meant that it was impossible to check who was parking. But as the number of tenants grows, more parking spaces are needed. To ensure that parking spaces are available for all tenants and their visitors, the need arose to have a better overview of parking occupancy.


By linking the BlueEntrance cloud application from Bluefield Smart Access to various Axis products, parking occupancy becomes clear at a glance. Using the BlueEntrance dashboard, parking spaces can easily be distributed among the tenants, and tenants can register the license plates of their colleagues and visitors in advance. Once the Axis camera reads the license plate number, the barrier is opened on arrival and departure. The receptionist can immediately see via the dashboard which car is associated with which tenant, and the tenant has an exact overview of which license plates have been registered and how many parking spaces are still available.


Due to the access control solution offered by Bluefield and Axis, the tenants of HNK Den Bosch have an optimal overview of the communal parking facilities. At the same time, colleagues and visitors to the building enjoy a pleasant parking experience, since the extensive options offered by the access control system ensure smooth, easy arrival and departure.

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