Technology that creates a competitive advantage

Fábio Perini Industrial, a member of the Korber Solutions Group, invests in security and cutting-edge access control as it seeks certification as an Authorized Economic Operator with the Brazilian Federal Revenue Service

“Fábio Perini has a considerable volume of imports. The expectation is to reduce red tape and storage costs when merchandise is brought into the country.” Rodrigo Debatim, Chief Financial Officer of Fábio Perini.


Fábio Perini has a history of innovation in its role as a supplier of machinery and services to the tissue paper industry. The brand has registered more than 2,000 patents and continues to invest in technology. The Brazil-based operation identified a competitive advantage in achieving certification as an Authorized Economic Operator, a Brazilian Federal Revenue Service program that offers preferential treatment in foreign trade operations to companies that meet certain security requirements applied to the logistics chain, among other criteria. This would result in reduced red tape and greater agility in international operations. Among the requirements set out by the revenue service, the physical security of facilities is particularly noteworthy. The company’s analog video monitoring system needed to be able to generate high-quality video. Meanwhile, its access control system needed to provide reliability in recording the movement of people and vehicles on the company’s premises.


Traders Service, an Axis partner, has developed an integrated IP camera and access controller solution that can cover external areas, perimeters, factories and administrative areas, in addition to careful monitoring of vehicle and cargo access at the entry gates. The project involved two fundamental partnerships: access control through dual authentication using Accessus software from Toptic and VMS Symphony from Senstar. All the changes were made in conjunction with the expansion of the manufacturing and administrative area and included Traders’ installation of new Cat-6 cabling from CommScope, another Axis partner.


In addition to enhanced security of the perimeter up to the access points, the HR department also directly benefited, since the analog images generated by the previous system were not sharp enough. The merits of the project led Axis to grant Traders Service its award for Largest Access Control Project in 2019.

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