Big Easy embarks on safe city project

The New Orleans Real Time Crime Center integrates Axis cameras to play a critical role in giving first responders immediate incident awareness

“Using the Axis cameras to corroborate and validate what the calls for service are allows the police department to be more efficient and more effective. This gives them more time to interact with the community, build a better rapport, which ultimately will have a positive impact on crime.” Ross Bourgeois, Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness for the City of New Orleans.


When New Orleans announced its Citywide Public Safety Project, city officials planned for video cameras to play a key role in helping its police department and partner agencies prevent, detect and investigate crimes. They proposed the solution that would coordinate 911 dispatch center calls with video cameras in the vicinity of incidents and transmit real-time information to appropriate responders.


New Orleans built a Real Time Crime Center where staff monitor video streams from a mix of panoramic, fixed and pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) Axis video cameras deployed throughout the city. The 24/7 operation uses Motorola’s Command Central Aware software to integrate the geolocation data, provided through the city’s computer-aided 911 dispatch center, with the GPS coordinates of the Axis cameras managed by Security Center and Stratocast, video management systems from Genetec. When the dispatch center receives a call, the appropriate camera views appear on the monitors at the Crime Center. Crime Center Technicians are then able to track activity in the vicinity and share that situational awareness with police and other responders.


Since its launch, the Crime Center has proven to be a real force multiplier, helping law enforcement monitor the size of crowds, track motor vehicle and pedestrian traffic, as well as focus on any incidents that might occur along parade routes. During the 2018 Mardi Gras season, the Real Time Crime Center helped expedite more than 50 cases, including several violent crimes and a suspected drunk driving situation. Civilian staff use the Axis cameras to effectively corroborate and validate hundreds of calls for service, saving police and other agencies such as fire and emergency medical from chasing false alarms or spending hours tracking down witnesses to an event. The City of New Orleans and Axis received the 2019 Bronze Global Excellence Award for Best Deployment in the USA.

2019 Bronze Global Excellence Award for Best Deployment in the USA

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