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Since facing an intense earthquake, a city on the coast of Chile has begun using cameras integrated with Axis network speakers for emergency announcements

“The city is making an important investment.” Óscar Sumonte, Mayor of the City of Concón.


Some years ago, an earthquake reaching a magnitude of 8.4 and subsequent tsunami wreaked chaos and destruction upon the Chilean coast. Among the affected cities was Concón and its 63,000 residents. The city is known for its tourist attractions and fine dining, centered around the area’s outstanding beaches, hotels and restaurants. As part of its focus on citizen security, as well as that of visiting tourists, the City of Concón placed a public request for proposals to install a camera and speaker system that would become part of the solution to the community’s problems (such as public offenses) – in addition to providing assistance in emergencies.


The solution consisted of an initial installation of 6 AXIS P5635-E Network Cameras and 11 AXIS C3003-E Network Speakers. This was followed in a second stage by the addition of 17 AXIS Q6000-E Network Cameras, coupled with vandal-resistant AXIS Q6055-E PTZ cameras featuring Zipstream image compression technology. Along with the new cameras, 17 Axis network speakers were added, increasing the level of communication between public authorities and residents.


Chile is a country under constant threat of earthquakes and tsunamis along the coast, and thus this type of technology plays a vital role in the event of a natural catastrophe. Additionally, as a result of the installation of Axis camera and network speakers, Concón is also now able to prevent crime in these areas and alert individuals via the speaker system. The city now benefits from a greater level of public security for citizens and tourists alike, transforming itself into a model for the entire coast of Chile with this forward-thinking initiative.

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