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The city of Vicente López has installed over 800 high technology cameras in government buildings, along public roads, in mass transit – as well as in patrol cars

“With this nextgeneration camera system we intend to protect the citizen and answer rapidly to any incident that might happen, whether it’s a crime, an altercation on the transit system, or if we need to identify a suspect.” Santiago Espeleta, Secretary of Security of Vicente López.


Vicente López is situated in the northern section of the Greater Buenos Aires area, with a population of approximately 300,000 in an area of about 13 square miles. Thousands of its citizens commute daily to the city of Buenos Aires – and elsewhere throughout the Buenos Aires province – via public transportation or in their own personal vehicles. A sharp increase in commuter traffic over the last few years (Vicente López is serviced by three rail lines and a Metrobus) has created a huge need to modernize and expand the city’s video surveillance system that, until 2012, was operating with outdated equipment and was lacking of any sort of integrated technological approach; this made it extremely difficult to provide effective monitoring of its various districts.


In order to achieve constant monitoring and create a secure environment for citizens, the local government put in place an advanced video surveillance project, which was installed and supervised by engineers certified in IP surveillance systems. The company replaced outdated analog equipment with an installation of 650 high technology cameras for city surveillance, consisting of fixed and PTZ dome-style models. The installation provides coverage of government buildings, streets, and the Metrobus transportation system (including a 3.1 mile travel corridor that connects Vicente López to the city of Buenos Aires).


After a successful first phase, another 100 cameras from AXIS F Series were installed in vehicles of the Municipal Defense Force and Civil Patrol with the possibility of recording onboard. When they reach the so-called points of transfer, the recording can be transferred and stored as a backup. The Metrobus line had its security reinforced with AXIS P3364-VE, an anti-vandalism camera with Lightfinder technology, and AXIS M3024, with infrared light, bringing the total number of cameras used in the project to over 800, and resulting in the creation of one of the most comprehensive, cutting-edge urban video surveillance projects in all of South America.

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