Flexible surveillance solution adapted for modular development

Axis high quality video surveillance part of a unified security solution in Liberty Technology Park.

“The technological park is based on a special modular concept which allows customers to rent more space once their businesses expand. We found in Starnet Consulting the partner that we needed to develop an IT and security infrastructure that is scalable and flexible. We chose Axis products and technologies because they have high levels of reliability and performance.” Nina Moldovan, CEO Liberty Technology Park Cluj.


With nearly 46,880 sqm, Liberty Technology Park is the first Romanian technological park. It is located in Cluj Napoca and represents a dynamic ecosystem for local and international companies driven by that particular vision that makes ideas come to life and businesses thrive. Liberty Technology Park is not just offering renting space, but an opportunity to get in touch with companies in IT&C and R&D. The mission of the proposed Starnet Consulting project was to design, implement and configure a smart and modular surveillance system for the entire park. This was needed since the space of the park is continuously expanding and needs to be secured at all times.


The rental spaces offered by Liberty Technology Park are growing exponentially and have several stages of development. Therefore, the proposed and implemented solution developed by Starnet Consulting is based on specific hardware and surveillance algorithms that acquire information from various sources and interact with external systems. Thanks to this architecture based on modules and components, it is possible to capture different types of data provided by installed sensors and cameras, analyze them and return a complex response on which the security staff can rely. The centralized data offers better and faster results so that the security stuff does not need to verify the results of each sensing devices and drag out the time it takes to make a conclusion.


So far, the video surveillance solution integrates more than 60 Axis network cameras. AXIS P13, AXIS P14, AXIS P33 and AXIS M30 Network Cameras are used to monitor both outdoor and indoor areas, focusing on entrances, parking barriers, elevators and hallways. The system allows the management and security personnel to connect remotely to the surveillance system at any time, offering live streaming images on demand. The video surveillance system is now part of a unified communication solution that includes voice data, wireless, access control and burglary detection – all using the same copper and optical fiber infrastructure.

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