Turvatiimi equips new premises with IP-based system for security and access control

More secure access control on office premises with the help of Axis access control solutions, Axis network cameras and Milestone’s VMS

“The biggest advantage of the system is speed. If anything happens, you do not need to use several different systems – one will suffice. You do not need to check the video first and then check the access control system. You have all the data in a single location and can access it immediately.” Mika Bragge, Head of Technology at Turvatiimi Oyj.


Turvatiimi Oyj is a Finnish security company employing 900 staff at 25 offices in Finland. The company offers its services to more than 10,000 customers and has net sales of EUR 36 million. Its business includes security services, installation and integration of security systems and security guard, reception and cleaning services. Security guard services and modern technical security solutions constitute its biggest business area. Its alarm services are outsourced to Responda 113, which is one of the biggest alarm centers in Finland. A modern security and access control system was required when Turvatiimi’s head office moved to new premises in early 2015.


Installation company Hi-Sec Supply, a CCTV specialist, was commissioned to install cameras and access control systems on the new premises. A total of 18 models including AXIS M3007-P, AXIS P8514, AXIS M3014, AXIS M3005-V, AXIS P1425-LE Network Cameras and 19 access system units with AXIS A1001 Access Control were installed over the four floors. The IP-based products are managed using Milestone XProtect® Professional VMS (Video Management Software), which also supports Axis Access Control products. This system is fully integrated and linked to the Responda 113 alarm center.


All staff at the new head office have their own ID cards. People entering the premises are verified on the basis of a camera photo. An alarm is passed to the Responda 113 alarm centre if anyone attempts to open a door in the wrong way or if ID cards are not approved. Camera verification prevents misuse of lost cards or problems with staff lending out their cards.

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