Monitoring road conditions in the city

Axis IP cameras help the City of Verona to effectively keep track of traffic incidents and reduce travel chaos

The reasons we are satisfied with Axis include the good price-quality ratio and versatility, with all due respect to their competitors.“ Mr. Bruno Pezzuto, Architect, Verona Traffic Coordination and Management.


Verona is one of the main tourist attractions in Northern Italy, largely owing to the wealth of history steeped in its town center, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The large numbers of tourists combined with local traffic can cause delays in the city on certain days and in some areas, potentially resulting in chaos for city travel.


Implementation of a focused and efficient video surveillance system requiring installation of 32 Axis network cameras placed strategically around the city, allows the Traffic Coordination and Management Unit to control any problems regarding road conditions in real time and act promptly in emergencies, communicating with users through mobile communication channels (web, SMS, e-mail, etc.).


The opportunity to intervene immediately in the event of a critical situation saves community resources. Furthermore, monitoring road conditions in real time allows for swift intervention, adopting specific strategies for traffic signal control.

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