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Axis follows industry best practices in managing and responding to security vulnerabilities in our products to minimize customers risk of exposure. Axis cannot guarantee that products and services are free from flaws that may be exploited for malicious attacks.

Contact information

If you identify a security vulnerability in an Axis product or service, please report the problem immediately. Timely identification of security vulnerabilities is critical to eliminating potential threats. 

End-users, partners, vendors, industry groups and independent researchers that have identified a potential risk are encouraged to contact via email to You are welcome to use our public PGP key to encrypt sensitive content.

Note: will only respond to possible product vulnerabilities. For general questions and requests contact: Technical support: 

Vulnerabilities discovered on Axis web (or related web services) should be sent to


News update

2020-03-19 An internal software security audit discovered a flaw in the protection for device tampering (known as Secure Boot) in AXIS Q3527-LVE and AXIS A8207-VE MkII. Read the Axis Security Advisory for more information

2019-09-23 A researcher has discovered that ONVIF devices exposing WS Discovery (port 3207) to Internet are susceptible to be exploited for a Distributed Denial-Of-Service (DDOS) attack.  Read Axis Security Advisory for more information.


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We have 100% focus on cyber security, and we’re doing everything in our power to mitigate its risks.