CEAT Tyres achieves remote monitoring with Axis network surveillance cameras

Enables management focus on improved operational efficiency

“For an R&D facility with restrictive access, high quality images and recorded video data will be an important tool to monitor the premises and practices followed by the employees. We needed a surveillance installation that would help us overcome the need for security personnel and enable the authorities to access the data anytime, from anywhere through their smartphones and tablets. The cameras installed in our premises have helped us achieve these objectives effectively.” Gopal Rathore, Manager IT at CEAT Tyre.


The CEAT Tyres management was looking for a surveillance system that would help them to remotely monitor various divisions of the company. The core objective of the installation was to supervise the R&D facility, keep track of materials at the plant and monitor employee behavior and process compliance, all from a central location. Further, CEAT Tyres required high definition (HD) cameras, in order to zoom in and monitor the materials and obtain clear images.


CEAT Tyres has installed 5 Axis cameras of different models. AXIS M3011, AXIS P1344, AXIS M1143-L, AXIS P5512 and AXIS M1113 Network Cameras have been mounted for monitoring the entire R&D facility, office and the manufacturing plant. These cameras are specifically designed for indoor use and are discreet cameras that are powered over Ethernet and provide high quality images.


The installation has been successful and facilitated CEAT Tyres to centrally monitor all the facilities, especially to ensure secure access to the R&D unit and consistent compliance of processes across locations. Real time monitoring has reduced the need for manual surveillance. This has led to reduced costs and dependency on manual monitoring.


AXIS M1113 ネットワークカメラ
AXIS P5512 PTZ ドームネットワークカメラ
AXIS M1143-L ネットワークカメラ
AXIS P1344 ネットワークカメラ
AXIS M3011 固定ドーム 型ネットワークカメラ