A great place to grow

Entrepreneurial culture

Progress often starts with people who refuse to be bound by convention; teams of individuals who love to explore fresh ideas or different points-of-view. If that sounds appealing, you’ll feel right at home at Axis.

A collaborative, start-up spirit infuses everything we do. Asking each other ‘What if?’ is the order of the day here. After all, when you question the way things are, you can achieve big change.

Freedom to shine

You get put behind the steering wheel when you work at Axis. You define your role. You supply the answers. Then, together with your colleagues, you make it happen. And if sometimes you fail? Great. That’s only natural. Just keep powering on!

Curiosity is one of your greatest assets at Axis. To help you nurture this, everything is set up to help you gain answers to your questions and gather fresh perspectives from colleagues. That’s why we like to keep the doors open at our offices - including our CEO’s.

Mutual investment

The more we talk with colleagues – and invest in sharing knowledge – the more we will learn and grow. And the more successful we will all be. Our open culture is founded on this idea.

For instance, we organize plenty of idea exchange events, like our 5-minute ‘lightning’ developer talks and biannual innovation days, where you can blow everyone away with individual projects.

At Axis, you can also expect insightful training to help you maximize your potential, as well as many opportunities to attend inspirational events and fairs.


Empowering hiring process

Will you be fulfilled and inspired if you join Axis? Our hiring process is set up to help you find out. It reveals if we can achieve great things together. During this time, we are always there for you if you have any questions. If we decide to start a new chapter together, you will be invited to an introductory program – it’s a great way to get to know us even better.

Be 100% informed, 100% of the time

At Axis, the hiring managers are always involved in the interview and selection process from the start. That’s because they know better than anyone what they’re looking for and can describe the role to you in detail. Makes sense, right?

By the way, you’re always welcome to call the hiring manager if you have questions about the role.


Great place to work

Not just something we say; it’s the name of an award we are very proud of! The organization behind it conducts surveys involving 10 million employees, from 7000 organizations across 50 countries. Our American, British, French, German and Swedish markets have been part of this since 2015.