Lenses for network video cameras

Easy installation and use

A camera with an i-CS lens is quick and easy to both install and use, as no manual configuration is needed. As soon as the zoom has been set, the camera automatically sets the focus, elimi¬nating the need to focus manually. The zoom adjustment can be performed re¬motely from any network-connected computer.

The camera is factory-focused on infinity. When the zoom level is set in the GUI of the camera, the camera retains its focus on infinity. The user can also fine-tune the focus, for example, by designating an area in which focus should be kept at all times. When the autofocus button is pressed, the camera sets the best possible focus. When focusing on something else, manual refocusing is possible, and can always be set at the desired distance. When the zoom level is changed, the i-CS lens will keep focus on the set distance.

The i-CS lens also facilitates the installation of outdoor cameras, as the installer does not have to open any hatch to set focus (no focus ring), which saves time and keeps the inside of the camera dry. Zoom adjustment is performed remotely, which is especially useful in installations that would otherwise require areas to be closed down, such as on busy highways or at intersections.