ACAP version 4.14 is released and is compatible with AXIS OS 11.10. The ACAP Native SDK has received several important updates, with new APIs being added for enhanced functionality.

  • The Curl API, an open-source library, assists in transferring data with URLs. 
  • The Jansson API, an open-source library, allowing for encoding, decoding, and manipulation of JSON data. 
  • The OpenSSL API, an open-source library, serves for general-purpose cryptography and secure communication.
  • The Manifest schema 1.7.0 has been introduced. This schema is designed to streamline the deployment of applications by making preparations on the host system so the applications can run containers. It also enables the creation of symbolic links from various system-wide locations to Docker CLIs provided by the application. 
  • Docker ACAP and Docker Compose ACAP have transitioned to rootless operation, aligning with the ongoing initiative to remove root-privileged access.
  • The bug pertained to ACAP applications that use multiple UDS sockets in their reverse proxy configuration as been rectified. The previous issue caused traffic to be misrouted to the wrong internal socket from the application. 

Looking to the future, we are planning several changes that aim to enhance security and improve the user experience with ACAP Native SDK. We intend to:

  • Introduce the signing of ACAP applications as a default feature.
  • Eliminate root-privileged access in upcoming AXIS OS releases. 
  • The next SDK release, 1.15, will be the last to support the Computer Vision SDK on armv7hf. However, support will continue for aarch64 devices. 

For the complete set of code examples, visit our GitHub organization where the ACAP examples are pinned at the top of the page. If you have questions or bug reports related to the examples, please report them in the issue tracker for the specific repository.