Trademark and copyright user guidelines

We at Axis value our trademarks and copyrights. We consider them to be crucial assets and make sure that we and our partners use them appropriately and with due care.

Patent Statement

Axis AB owns intellectual property rights relating to products marketed and sold by Axis Communications AB and its subsidiaries. 


Security is of great importance to us at Axis – not only when it comes to our products and solutions, but also in terms of protecting our partners' and customers' privacy.

Axis Professional Services General Terms and Conditions

These GTC shall apply to all Professional Services provided by Axis, including but not limited to non standardized services related to design, implementation, verification, use and maintenance, with respect to Axis products. 

General purchase conditions

If you provide products or components to an Axis company or a third party designated by Axis, your signed purchase agreement shall be applicable.

License Agreements

Axis General License Agreement together with any applicable Product Specific Terms and any other supplemental license terms will govern your use of software and cloud services from Axis..

Axis export compliance

AXIS products may be subject to U.S. and EU export control regulations, among other national export control legislations. As an exporter you have a legal obligation to comply with all applicable legislation, including, but not limited to, classification of the products you (re)export.

  • Declaration and statement

    • European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Implications for video surveillance
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