Electronic image stabilization

Electronic image stabilization (EIS), provides smooth video in situations where a camera is subject to vibrations. The result? Clear and precise images – even in scenes with lots of motion.

Shaken not blurred

Cameras mounted on high poles or near busy roads can be shaken by winds or passing traffic, and images are often blurry and troublesome to view. EIS effectively minimizes the effects from vibration and shaking to give you reliable images and cost-effective installation. 

Less sensitivity. More flexibility.

Thanks to EIS technology there’s no need for costly stabilization mounts – you can install your AXIS network camera anywhere and be confident of capturing clear, steady images in both live and recorded surveillance. 

Built-in gyroscopic sensors continuously detect the camera’s movements and vibrations, and automatically adjust the frame to ensure you always capture the details you need. 

Furthermore, because recorded images are always stable and movement minimum, EIS reduce bitrate, so you save on bandwidth and storage space. 

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