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When we design products and solutions, we work closely with customers to figure out what works best for them. For us, it's not about innovation itself – it's about solving real problems and drive success. But don't just take our word for it. Read what our customers say about teaming up with us.
Train at crowded platform
Public transport

Safer travel with Axis network cameras

25% reduction in crime at subway stations in the city center.

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Police cruiser packed in front of police department
City surveillance

Town of Billerica

The town of Billerica relies on intelligent surveillance technology from Axis and Sound Intelligence to keep residents safe and happy in the suburbs.
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Exterior of Ginn Auto

Ginn Auto

Ginn Auto protects inventory lot, improves business operations, and enhances the customer experience with Axis cameras and speakers.
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RC Willey Showroom

RC Willey

RC Willey saves millions by reducing shrink, improving inventory tracking, and analyzing operations with a full portfolio of Axis products.
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Exterior of MGH upper building

Massachusetts General Hospital

Massachusetts General Hospital streamlines and expands video security system with cost-effective IP upgrade featuring Axis video encoders and Axis network cameras.
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Exterior of Boydon Hall, BSU

Bridgewater State University

Bridgewater State steps up campus safety/security with a cohesive end-to-end solution from Axis. AXIS Camera Station improves video management; Axis multi-sensor cameras provide greater coverage with fewer cameras and licensing fees.
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Exterior of Putnam City School District middle school with police cruiser in front

Putnam City School District Police Department

Putnam City Campus Police stay transparent with an Axis body worn solution and keep video evidence encrypted and secure from capture to archiving. Schools safely vet visitors with 2N® IP Verso intercoms at their main entrances.
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Construction workers in meeting

Graham Construction

Graham Construction innovates mobile security solution using Axis products to protect employees, properties, and equipment.
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Exterior and sign for Enterprise Park

Enterprise Park, Inc.

Enterprise Park boat/RV storage facility steps up security and customer service with an Axis end-to-end solution.
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Two men playing indoor tennis at Club Deportivo
Stadiums & venues

Club Deportivo Coltan Pádel

Sports club in Mexico manages to reduce anti-theft by up to 80%; resulting in a decrease in generating repercussions from staff turnover to and the added benefit of providing live online match broadcasting
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