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Train at crowded platform
Public transport

Safer travel with Axis network cameras

25% reduction in crime at subway stations in the city center.

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Exterior of Waldo Lofts

Waldo Lofts

An aging and unreliable intercom system at Waldo Lofts formed the opportunity to upgrade and include both audio and video in the new system. The condo board chose a 2N intercom for its durability, convenience, and cost-effectiveness.
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HNK parking lot


New access control solution provides clear overview of parking occupancy at a glance.
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Bay BZE ambulances

Bavarian Center for Special Operations

Bavarian Center for Special Operations (BayZBE) uses video security technology and simulations for realistic training of emergency forces.
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Aerial view of wildfire
Critical infrastructure


ALERTWildfire uses a network of Axis PTZ cameras to track wildfire outbreaks, pinpoint ignition sites, monitor conflagrations, and inform incident command decisions on deploying resources and initiating evacuations.
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St Isaacs cathedral building exterior

Saint Isaac’s Cathedral

Integrated security system for Saint Isaac’s Cathedral based on Axis IP cameras.
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Bridge in front on city skyline
Smart cities

Okazaki City

Prospect of future use for multiple applications as a “Smart City Model Project”.
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Exterior of Purolator

Purolator, Inc.

Purolator, a major shipping company, developed the optimal Axis surveillance solution for their retail locations to improve operations while minimizing costs.
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Yellow wall in Manchester Makerspace

Manchester Makerspace

Manchester Makerspace upgrades security with a high-quality, end-to-end AXIS Companion surveillance solution.
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Security screening area at Flex


Integral Axis video surveillance solution implemented by Flex allows them to optimize and improve their security scheme by 180º.
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