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Network video increases public safety in Xiamen


Xiamen is a city with exquisite scenery located in Southeast China. Xiamen International Port is one of the best natural ports with favorable conditions, and has been an important foreign trade port for China throughout history. In addition, Xiamen’s spring-like weather year-round attracts both domestic and foreign tourists. To provide better services, and improve issues reported by citizens, the Command Center of Xiamen Public Security Bureau wanted to deploy a HDTV network surveillance system in public areas such as main traffic intersections and the ferry port. To improve the security management and gain a competitive advantage for the foreign trade and tourism industry of Xiamen, a complete video surveillance system with quick & timely alarm response was needed. Given the special climate and complex application environment of Xiamen, the surveillance cameras also needed to offer significant advantages in terms of clarity, surveillance angles, remote control and management functions.


After careful selection, Axis and partner Xiamen Waynet Computer & Networks Co., Ltd., were chosen to help the Command Center of Xiamen Public Security Bureau to realize a digital HDTV surveillance solution. The surveillance demands analysis and solution for Xiamen were fourfold:
  1. HDTV remote surveillance meets special indoor and outdoor application demand
  2. Outstanding protection features, wider angle of view, progressive scan, and clear images
  3. Wide surveillance scope, reflecting actual pedestrian flow
  4. Solution architecture


Over 100 HDTV network cameras from Axis have been deployed in the Xiamen public security system, including fixed and dome cameras. The HDTV network surveillance system is deployed at public areas such as main intersections and downtown areas, to improve public security and maintain the social stability of Xiamen. Additionally, the system utilizes centralized storage to provide secure and stable data for digital surveillance, and a reliable video platform for public security commanding, monitoring and scheduling.

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