Axis supports implementation of all-digital high definition surveillance solutions at China Art Palace

“We chose the combination of Axis Communications and Aimetis Corp because we believe that the expandibility, openness and compatibility of the system will bring long-term benefits. Axis has been proven to be a global leader in the IP video market and Aimetis’ stable video management platform allows us to manage the surveillance system with greater ease.“ Management staff member, China Art Palace.


In order to enhance the level of security and ensure efficient and orderly operations, China Art Palace hoped to have a full upgrade of its security surveillance system. The surveillance scope included the 27 exhibition halls and library, which covers a total area of 167,000 m2. These areas are under constant surveillance with video recording 24 hours a day, and key exhibition areas needed to be equipped with intelligent video analytics to fulfill functions such as people counting.


The brand new surveillance system employs a system of distributed surveillance and centralized management and is made up of 1300 channels. These include some 600 analog cameras installed previously by China Art Palace and 700 newly installed IP cameras. The HD network cameras are connected directly to the access layer switch that is equipped with the Power over Ethernet (PoE) function, while the analog cameras are seamlessly connected to the new system via Axis video encoders, making it possible to reuse the existing system.


The Aimetis Symphony network video management software provides intelligent applications in areas such as people counting and virtual fencing, bringing practical benefits to China Art Palace and raising management efficiency. A highly integrated system is created by linking access control and alarm system, providing greater ease of managing the system and realizing all the capabilities of a unified security management platform.

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