Axis supports Yunnan Normal University in building a high-definition intelligent IP surveillance system

Campus surveillance system provides state-of-the-art safety and security

Axis’ clear and smooth image quality has raised the level of campus security and alleviated the stress of campus security!“ Security department of Yunnan Normal University.


The Chenggong campus of Yunnan Normal University hoped to build an all-digital security surveillance system in all buildings and the entire campus. By adopting a combination of human and technological security means, it sought to build an advanced platform that was “preventive in nature and allowed for post-incident collection of evidence”, hence eliminating dead ends at surveillance positions and alarm areas. The built system had to be “safe, advanced, reliable, practical and convenient” with due consideration given to the aspects of effectiveness, openness and expansibility, realizing the management of sub-systems, maximizing the sharing of information and facilitating future system expansion, capacity increase and improvement.


A special video network with a 10GB backbone switch network core was built using the campus’ road network. The front terminal uses Axis network cameras while the back terminal uses Shanghai Ziya’s EVIP professional video management platform system. The platform software is applicable to large networking projects with multiple functions such as screen display, control, video recording and forwarding. Specific intelligent video analytic functions were developed based on the project requirements in order to build an all-digital video surveillance system that will function smoothly going forward.


The all-digital security surveillance system of the entire Chenggong campus of Yunnan Normal University now covers 57 buildings. With continual campus building efforts and various functional buildings put into use, more surveillance points will have to be added, and the user’s need for constant upgrading and expansion of the system is met by the advantage of instant connection and instant usage of Axis products. The system can also support increased surveillance points and new applications with its robust back-end software management platform.

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