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Maximizing security, increasing efficiency

Several airports have chosen Axis network video solutions to meet their tough surveillance needs. With the market’s broadest range of IP cameras, Axis enables cost-effective monitoring of indoor and outdoor areas such as:

  • Entrances and exits
  • Security and passport controls
  • Check-in areas
  • Commercial and parking areas
  • Airport perimeters
  • Cargo areas
  • Runways and taxiways

Perimeter protection for airports with intelligent video surveillance

Aerodromes must limit intrusion risks by implementing suitable solutions such as physical systems coupled with guard patrols and potentially the additional use of electronic systems. The methods used to protect the airside reserved area must consider;

  • the aerodrome’s operating requirements
  • the topography of the terrain
  • specific climatic conditions
  • environmental constraints.

This whitepaper aims to explain the current options for protecting aerodromes and the technology used in the solutions.

Experience 4K Ultra HD video

Bringing unique advantages

You get a future-proof and flexible surveillance solution that can grow with your needs. In addition, you benefit from a wide range of capabilities that help you improve the overall efficiency, such as:

  • Automatic alerts when someone enters a restricted area – day or night
  • High-quality HDTV video images, facilitating incident investigations and identifications
  • Built-in intelligence, offering people counting, motion detection and more
  • Network access to live and recorded video, allowing multiple authorized persons to view video at the same time

Axis video encoders – for cost efficient migration from analog to IP

Benefit from digital technology

For many airports, Axis video encoders have been the first step into the IP-based video surveillance world.

This has enabled them to protect their investments made in analog CCTV cameras and yet benefit from the many advantages of network video technology.