AXIS Optimizer

Optimizes performance of Axis devices for Milestone XProtect users

  • Enjoy optimal experiences running Axis devices on Milestone XProtect
  • Save considerable time and effort managing Axis devices in XProtect
  • Constantly updated, always available for free

Unlocks great user experiences and Axis features directly in Milestone XProtect

AXIS Optimizer is an application that optimizes the performance of Axis devices in Milestone XProtect. It unlocks great user experiences and Axis features directly in Milestone XProtect by ensuring that administrators and operators have access to a multitude of capabilities when running Axis devices on Milestone XProtect.

AXIS Optimizer saves users time and effort by streamlining the following work:

Respond to real-time events
Operators can efficiently:


Perform automated actions on Axis devices


Perform forensic search
Investigators can search for metadata-rich video evidence of:


Easy access to device settings

  • Administrator roles control which functions are available to operators
  • Administrators gain quick access to Axis device settings directly in Milestone to adjust settings, upload firmware, configure ACAPs, add overlays, etc.

Dewarp video

As important, Milestone users save considerable time and effort to search for, download, install and configure all relevant plugins and integrations for Axis devices in XProtect.

Constantly expanding capabilities. Always free.

AXIS Optimizer constantly adds new and improved capabilities — and is available for free. See the tutorial videos to learn more about AXIS Optimizer.

AXIS Optimizer for Milestone XProtect

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