With AXIS Camera Station it’s easy to license your system. Each device in the system only needs one license.

There are two main license types:

  • Core device licenses (0879-010) for Axis devices and 2N intercoms
  • Universal device licenses (0879-020) is required for all other types of devices. (ONVIF Profile S and RTSP)

These are delivered as E-licenses. Making it easy to license many devices in the system one key can contain multiple number of licenses, making it easy to license many devices in the system.

How do I purchase the licenses?

Licenses are available using electronic delivery, this is the recommended way of licensing. Compared with printed licensing, eLicensing generates savings on delivery times, delivery costs and environmental impact.

Any number of licenses and license types can be ordered at once, but a separate order must be placed for each AXIS Camera Station server.

Printed licenses
Licenses are available in packs of either 1, 4, 16 or 32 for Core Device Licenses and packs of 1, 4, 10 or 20 for Universal Device Licenses. Not available in North America.

Available license types

  • Core Device licenses 
    Used for all Axis devices such as Axis network cameras and all 2N IP Intercoms.
  • Universal Device licenses 
    Used for third-party devices and can be used for all Axis devices and all 2N IP Intercoms.
  • Universal Upgrade licenses 
    Core Device licenses can be upgraded to Universal Device licenses. These are mainly used when using an existing Core Device license for a third-party device. Universal Upgrade licenses in combination with a standard Core Device license provides a Universal Device license. 

Example of license need for specific Axis devices

Product name

Product Type Number of sensors/analog cameras
that can be connected
Number of Licenses

AXIS P3367

Network Camera 1 1
AXIS W101 Body Worn Camera 1 1


Network Camera 4 1


Network Camera 4 1

AXIS P7216

Video Encoder 16 1
AXIS C1310-E Network Horn Speaker N/A 1*
AXIS A1210 Network Door Controller N/A 1*
AXIS A1601 Network Door Controller N/A 1***
AXIS A9161 I/O audio module N/A 1

AXIS T8705

Video Decoder N/A 1
AXIS S3008  Network Video Recorder N/A 0**
AXIS W800 System Controller N/A 0**
AXIS T85 Series Network Switch N/A 0


* Currently, and until further notice, one Core Device license is included in the products listed below. There is no need to buy additional licenses when purchasing such product.

Applies to:  A9188/-VEA9161C1004-EC1310-EC1410,  C8210, C8110

**AXIS S30 Series and AXIS W800 System Controller do not require an AXIS Camera Station license. Note that there are no AXIS Camera Station licenses included with these devices.

***The AXIS A1601 requires a core license to enable full and unified support within AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry. The AXIS A1210 and AXIS 1601 require a core license to enable full and unified support within AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry.

PT Head Cameras Q8721 and Q8722 are two separate cameras sold as a bundle, thus they require two device licenses in AXIS Camera Station.