Audio Ceiling Tile Kits

audio ceiling tile kits combo image
Install in the ceiling. Run on the edge.
  • 2x2 audio tile fits in your existing interior
  • Brings all benefits of network speaker system
  • Quick and easy drop-in installation
  • Schedule and play music or messages
  • Add a fixed dome or panoramic network camera
  • Available in the US and Canada

About Audio Ceiling Tile Kits

Axis network ceiling speaker kits include a 2’x2’ Quam SYSTEM 17/8 drop-in ceiling tile speaker integrated with an AXIS C8210 Network Audio Amplifier, making it an efficient IP network speaker that offers cost and time savings on installation as well as additional integration options.

Save time and lower costs with drop ceiling speakers

Both Audio Ceiling Tile Kit and Audio Ceiling Tile Kit - Camera Ready are conveniently pre-assembled and include an AXIS C8210 Network Audio Amplifier integrated with a Quam 2x2 drop-in ceiling tile speaker. The ceiling tile speakers provide all the benefits of network audio, allowing you to play music and live or pre-recorded announcement messages. Camera-ready kits allow integration with dome or panoramic cameras to gain full potential of powerful analytics when integrated into AXIS Camera Station solution. Detect loitering or a blocked area, deliver announcements and address visitors in real time. The PoE speaker system enables fast and easy drop-in ceiling installation with the second cable drop required only for the camera ready version.  

Audio Ceiling Tile Kit, viewed from its left angle

Audio Ceiling Tile Kit

These timesaving, pre-assembled kits include an AXIS C8210 Network Audio Amplifier integrated with a Quam SYSTEM 17/8 perforated 2x2 steel tile speaker. Utilizing AXIS C8210, the kits provide network audio via one PoE connection as well as flexibility for live or scheduled announcements, proactive security alerts, background music, advertisements and more. Open standards support easy integration with network video, access control, analytics, and VoIP.

Audio Ceiling Tile Kit - Camera Ready, mounted in the ceiling

Audio Ceiling Tile Kit – Camera Ready

Also available in a camera-ready version. Audio Ceiling Tile Kit – Camera Ready, provides a 9-inch mounting for a fixed-dome or panoramic camera, or another device that fits a 1-gang and 4-square mounting hole pattern. Camera sold separately. Easily add a fixed dome or panoramic network camera and analytics for an all-in-one proactive security solution. These kits are great for installation in schools, stores, hospitals, offices or anywhere with a drop ceiling.

AXIS C1510 Network Pendant Speaker, mounted in a lobby in an office environment

Axis Audio Design Service

Using state of the art audio software, we’ll deliver a complete Axis network audio design for you to propose to your client. You’ll get speaker type, number of speakers, layout in various areas, and heat maps illustrating dB coverage − all in an easy to propose format