Panoramic cameras

Panoramic cameras

Multisensor, Multidirectional

Multidirectional 360° cameras, such as the multisensor panoramic also have a single casing, but they contain multiple sensors (often four of them). The major difference here is that the sensors can be adjusted independently of each other (on some models the optics can also be changed).

Multidirectional cameras offer the greatest degree of flexibility. The standard setting gives a 360° quad view (figure 8), but the sensors can also be adjusted independently of one another. This is a great feature if you wish to monitor traffic intersections, hallways, warehouses or parking lots. It is also useful to be able to adjust the sensors if the camera is mounted on a corner (figure 9). Using three sensors will give you 270° of coverage, and instead having the fourth camera facing the wall, this one can be directed downwards or at another area requiring attention.

Figure 8

Figure 9

Examples of suitable areas: Airports, train stations, hospitals, city surveillance/traffic intersections, schools, school yards, loading docks, stadiums, parking lots.


  • High pixel density
  • Quad view 360°
  • Several sensors in one casing = one installation
  • Repositionable lenses (greater flexibility)



  • Larger casing than single-sensor cameras
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