Panoramic cameras

Panoramic cameras


As the general awareness of panoramic and multisensor cameras increases, more and more users are discovering their benefits. Panoramic/multisensor cameras are generally cost-effective when it comes to installation and operation. They can cover wide areas with only a few units, which leads to lower installation costs (less cabling, labor and cameras). They also save money on software licenses, since most of these cameras only require a single license - even though they provide quad views or have several image sensors.

Single-sensor panoramic cameras are compact, good value, and great for providing an overview of large areas. However, the wide-angle lens reduces the pixel density over distance, which makes it unsuitable for identification purposes. 

Figure 11, Fisheye view – quad view (small retail) 

Multisensor/multidirectional cameras also provide great overviews in combination with higher pixel density, for applications where this is a requirement.

figure 12, multisensor panoramic (city surveillance)

figure 13, multidirectional quad view (traffic intersection)

The combination camera can provide both benefits in the same product - great overview and plenty of detail when zooming in. 

Figure 14, quad view 360° + PTZ zoomed-in view