Panoramic cameras

Panoramic cameras

A perfect match

Axis has a camera that is a combination of a multisensor 360° camera and a mechanical PTZ camera, all mounted in the one casing (figure 10). The multisensor camera gives a wide 360° overview and the mechanical PTZ camera delivers sharp and detailed close-up images with high forensic value, all powered and controlled through one network cable. This combination is very versatile and makes no compromise between overviews and highly detailed images.

Getting the most out of this camera’s functions and capabilities requires active viewing by an operator. This is particularly true for the PTZ functions.

Examples of suitable areas: Airports, train stations, city surveillance/traffic intersections, town squares, loading docks, stadiums, parking lots.

Figure 10


  • High pixel density
  • Improved image settings (WDR)
  • Great overview 360° and high detail (mechanical zoom)
  • Several sensors in one casing = one installation
  • Built-in switch = powered by one network cable
  • Exchangeable and repositionable lenses (greater flexibility)


  • Larger casing than single sensor cameras