Course description:

Axis Network Audio: Essentials is a comprehensive foundation course on network audio. This training is hands-on — Students will gain firsthand experience with Axis network audio speakers as they learn the fundamentals of audio and the science of sound. Students will learn how to install, configure, and operate network audio devices in standalone mode as well as in conjunction with network cameras.

This course is comprised of an assigned reading and a 1-day classroom training. Students will complete the assigned reading at their own pace before attending the classroom portion. 

Practical information:

Format: Instructor-led classroom
- Read Technical Guide to Network Audio before class
- 1-day hands-on classroom work
Language: English
Technical requirements: None
Price: $299

Course outline:

  • 830 AM Breakfast
  • 900 AM Welcome & introductions
  • M1: Network audio (discussion)
  • M2: Network audio device setup (discussion & exercises)
  • AM Break
  • M3: Network audio fundamentals part I (discussion)
  • M4: Network audio device applications (discussion & exercises)
  • M5: Network audio fundamentals part II (discussion)
  • PM Break
  • M6: Planning network audio systems (discussion & exercises)

Course objectives:

  • Coordinating devices, such as having a speaker play an announcement based on a camera event
  • Scheduling music or announcements
  • Utilizing audio analytics to cue audio or video events
  • Assessing space layout and acoustics to plan an appropriate network audio solution
  • Describing the science behind sound, such as sound pressure, decibels, pitch, sampling frequency and bit depth

Who should attend:

Security professionals who want to integrate network audio into their services.


Registrants will be required to read the Technical Guide to Network Audio at their own pace prior to class.