Course description:

AXIS Camera Station: Essentials is a comprehensive course on AXIS Camera Station. This training is hands-on — Students will work with Axis domes, PTZs, intercoms, and network speakers to gain first-hand experience with the installation, configuration, operation, and troubleshooting of an AXIS Camera Station system.

This course is comprised of a 1 hour online pre-course and a 1-day classroom training. Students will complete the online pre-course at their own pace before attending the classroom portion. 

Practical information:

Format: Instructor-led classroom
- Online pre-course Axis screencast simulation: AXIS Camera Station for operators
- 1-day hands-on classroom work
Language: English
Technical requirements: None
Price: $299

Course calendar:

For scheduled trainings and registrations go to the course calendar.

Course outline:

  • 830 AM Breakfast
  • 900 AM Welcome & introductions
  • M1: AXIS Camera Station setup (discussion & exercises)
  • M2: AXIS Camera Station live view workspace (discussion & exercises)
  • AM Break
  • M3: AXIS Camera Station recordings workspace (discussion & exercises)
  • M4: AXIS Camera Station configuration workspace (discussion & exercises)
  • M5: AXIS Camera Station end-to-end solutions (discussion & exercises)
  • M6: AXIS Camera Station troubleshooting and support (discussion & exercises)
  • PM Break
  • M7: AXIS Camera Station system setup scenario (discussion & exercises)

Course objectives:

  • Operating AXIS Camera Station VMS
  • Installing and configuring an AXIS Camera Station solution
  • Designing and planning a project using AXIS Site Designer
  • Coordinating device, such as moving a PTZ, unlocking a door, or activating a light in response to an event
  • Integrating a door station and network audio into AXIS Camera Station

Who should attend:

Security professionals who will design, install, configure, manage, or support an AXIS Camera Station solution.


If you are not familiar with AXIS Camera Station it is recommended to take the Axis Screencast Simulation: AXIS Camera Station for operators.