Course Description

Discover AXIS Object Analytics, an edge-based video analytics application designed to detect, classify, and count humans and vehicle types. See detailed examples of the capabilities, use cases, and deployment considerations. Learn how AXIS Object Analytics can be used to enhance live monitoring, automate events, and improve the efficiency of forensic reviews. Learning objectives: 

Upon completion of the course students will be able to: 

  • Apply different scenarios within AXIS Object Analytics including: 
    • Object in area
    • Line crossing
    • Time in area
    • Crossline counting
    • Occupancy in area
  • Recognize AXIS Object Analytics to act as a trigger for specific events
  • Explain the scene considerations that influence AXIS Object Analytics
  • Describe metadata, its purpose, and how it is used by AXIS Object Analytics

Course length

2 hours


No charge

Who should attend

Integrators and end users of AXIS Object Analytics