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Organization: Purolator, Inc.
Location: Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Customer need: Loss Prevention, Process monitoring
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, 

Purolator, a major shipping company, developed the optimal Axis surveillance solution for their retail locations to improve operations while minimizing costs.


A leading courier and freight corporation in Canada, Purolator sought to upgrade their outmoded analog video surveillance systems to sophisticated IP solutions in all retail outlets. The goal was to support and monitor quality control, validate retail transactions and aid investigations of customer inquiries and criminal activities. Some of the stores have limited resources and are located in remote areas. The team was concerned about rolling out network technology that would not only challenge bandwidth constraints, but would require significant funds for software licenses.


Working closely with support services from Axis, Purolator designed the optimal custom solution for retail locations. The new system combines Axis IP cameras with free AXIS Companion video management software and 2TB or 4TB AXIS Companion Recorders for easy retrieval, local storage and remote monitoring of the superior-quality video footage.


Purolator upgraded most retail locations to an intelligent surveillance solution without expensive enhancements to the network infrastructure. The team was pleased to discover that enabling Axis Zipstream technology on the cameras far exceeded expectations to reduce the bandwidth needed for detailed, actionable video.

Shipping is an industry with complex transactions over multiple locations and high expectations for the process to be carried out perfectly. By accurately recording transactions, the new system made it far easier to manage customer inquiries and illegal activities. “Our biggest success is with suspect identification,” said Ball. “The images are extremely clear and the system is very reliable. When you need to review a video, the information is always there.

We needed a system that was flexible, scalable and integrated well into our current security infrastructure, without sacrificing quality. By having a great partnership with Axis, technical support comes onsite, helps us select the right products as well as makes sure everything is working properly and optimized for our business.
Jason Ball
Manager of Security Technology Solutions, Purolator

Shipping out to all retail locations

Freight, shipping and logistics hubs are a fascinating sight. Operations are scheduled down to the second, high volumes of packages are moving in-and-out and mobile fleets are continuously on the move. That’s why video surveillance is a critical component for loss prevention and quality control. It can be used to monitor and record all interactions at customer service retail stores, as well as aid in the investigation of customer inquiries and criminal activities.

Purolator has a well-established security system throughout logistics hubs with numerous Axis network cameras and a leading video management software to keep tabs on safety and security standards at the security operations center. Jason Ball, Manager of Security Technology Solutions at Purolator, identified that the next step was to enhance the security technology in over 110 Purolator retail stores.

This required shifting the retail outlets video surveillance systems from outmoded analog equipment to a sophisticated IP solution. However, these locations are relatively small and operate on limited bandwidth restrictions. There was also a significant licensing cost for the video management software at each of these locations.

“We needed a system that was expandable without spending a lot of money on the back end,” explained Ball. “We wanted something that was flexible, scalable and integrated well into our current security infrastructure, without sacrificing quality.”

Crafting a customized solution

Given the mission at hand, Purolator developed a tailormade, optimized solution specific for the retail stores. It comprises of 3-5 Axis IP cameras, easy-to-use software, top-of-the-line streaming technology and adequate data storage while reducing bandwidth consumption.

Camera mounted by door

Behind the customer service counter, a multi-megapixel AXIS M3046-V Network Camera provides a wide area of view and exceptional image quality. Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology overcomes lighting contrasts from the front store windows. The micro HDMI output allows the staff to easily connect a spot monitor to survey the store front. To capture a detailed facial image of everyone leaving the store, an AXIS P8535 with its discreet height strip housing is mounted at eye-level to the door mullion. Together, these cameras capture the height and face of potential suspects should an incident occur.

Camera mounted above door

In the back room, an AXIS M1124-V camera provides excellent detail and I/O ports to connect with other sensors or intrusion devices. For locations with storage yards, an AXIS P3225-LVE camera with exterior brackets is installed for remote zoom and focus capabilities under challenging light conditions. Embedded with Axis Lightfinder technology and Axis Optimized IR illumination, security and loss prevention staff can access excellent, detailed images in complete darkness. These storage facilities also have an AXIS P3707-PE for a 360° view capturing 10,000 sq. ft. The capability of four cameras in one!

Video feed

Overcoming obstacles

Everything comes together through AXIS Companion video management software and onsite recorder. Without having to purchase software licenses, the centralized command center and local security staff can easily access live or recorded video from a mobile device or PC to quickly investigate and validate mishaps

“For us, the bandwidth was also a major issue and we were able to run the system effectively without increasing the bandwidth,” Ball explained. “That in itself represented a considerable cost savings.”

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