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Security in the spotlight as MediaCity premieres advanced surveillance system

Organization: MediaCity UK
Location: Salford Greater Manchester, United Kingdom
Customer need: Public safety
Salford Greater Manchester, United Kingdom, 

A new comprehensive and unobtrusive physical security solution from Axis ensures 24/7 protection for tenants and visitors, while retaining a vibrant atmosphere at the UK’s largest tech, creative and digital hub.


MediaCity is an international hub for technology, innovation and creativity in Greater Manchester. It’s a visually exciting, dynamic and vibrant setting that attracts businesses and visitors from across the globe. While home to iconic brands including the BBC, ITV, Kellogg’s and Ericsson across its 200-acre site, it had become clear that its analogue surveillance system was in need of an upgrade. A new solution was needed that could deliver high-end protection 24/7, without detracting from the energy and vibrancy of the surroundings.


RS Security Consultants, an independent security consultancy and Axis partner, was tasked with auditing the site’s existing architecture with a view to recommending a new system that would vastly enhance safety and security at the site. Following impressive demonstrations of Axis Communications’ market-leading network solutions, an all-new state-of-the-art IP-based system comprising integrated video, audio and data analytics was deployed to deliver comprehensive levels of protection. The security technology was also skillfully camouflaged to blend in with the surroundings.


By harnessing the power of Axis’ network security solutions, the security team at MediaCity now feel confident that they have a future-proof system in place to help protect the site against crime. The reliable, high-quality solution enables security personnel to detect threats and suspicious behaviours in real-time, to act on the data from multiple security sources, and to keep their tenants, customers and visitors feeling safe and secure. Importantly, the newly installed equipment does not detract from the feel of the site, which was a critical success factor in the project. The solution also reduces ongoing maintenance costs and is in keeping with the hub’s sustainability and cybersecurity goals.

Partnering with a market leading security technology company such as Axis allows us to offer many benefits to our customers. This installation takes advantage of innovative on-camera technology such as Zipsteam, which reduces the bandwidth on cameras to cut the storage, not the quality of the video footage.
Richard Summer
Director at RS Security Consultants

Security in the spotlight at MediaCity

It had become clear in recent years that MediaCity’s long-serving analogue surveillance system was demanding a replacement solution. RS Security Consultants was tasked with conducting a thorough audit of the hub’s security architecture, with a view to deploying an all-new security system to meet evolving requirements.

The decision was taken to employ a comprehensive, overarching solution from Axis Communications. This new set-up would feature network cameras, IP audio speakers and data analytics, delivering high-quality video with real-time security alerts to a central control room, for swift action by security teams.

A safer place for tenants and visitors

Key to the project’s success was establishing 24/7 protection, while also ensuring that any security technology would easily blend into the environment so as not to detract from the vibrancy of the site and its surroundings. It was also imperative that the solution could reduce ongoing maintenance costs and be aligned to the hub’s sustainability and cybersecurity goals.

Tony Chebrika, Head of Security at Peel Media, which manages MediaCity, explains, “We’ve created a community here in which thousands of people work, live and enjoy themselves, and we wanted to ensure that they can continue to do so. We’re delighted with the new system that’s been installed, which has delivered superior performance without impacting the atmosphere across the site. Tenants and visitors feel safe, and the system goes largely unnoticed by those that use the space.”

MediaCity is a fantastic place. It’s vibrant, open and relaxed, and we didn’t want to detract from that friendly atmosphere. That’s why we strategically placed cameras where they would be unobtrusive and naturally blend into the environment. As people wander around MediaCity, they don’t feel like they are under surveillance.
Richard Summer
Director at RS Security Consultants

Smarter technology for swift and accurate response

Security and facilities teams across MediaCity have been impressed by the new solution. They are now confident in utilising innovative security technology to protect the hub’s tenants, staff and visitors. The high-quality system facilitates detection of potential threats in real-time, enabling swift action to be taken based on the integrated video, audio and analytics data that is sent to the control room. Local police have been very impressed with the system’s image quality and the solution is believed to have directly resulted in attracting new occupiers.

Tony Chebrika continues, “Everyone that has used the system has been extremely impressed. Indeed, each time we’ve sent security footage to the police they have strongly commended the image quality. Furthermore, whenever a new tenant is looking to take space at MediaCity, one of their key questions is about security. We’re pleased with the steps that RS Security Consultants and Axis have taken to ensure high levels of security across our entire site. I am confident this has helped us secure a number of new business customers who prioritised a highly secure environment. Our focus on safety is now a unique selling point.”

Richard Summer adds, “Partnering with a market leading security technology company such as Axis allows us to offer many benefits to our customers. This installation takes advantage of innovative on-camera technology such as Zipsteam, which reduces the bandwidth on cameras to cut the storage, not the quality of the video footage.”

A collaborative approach to security innovation

The installation at MediaCity has proven that a collaborative approach to security innovation delivers the best results. Axis Communications and RS Security Consultants worked closely with MediaCity’s security team to specify, design and install a truly state-of-the-art integrated security system. It has significantly improved the safety of all those on-site 24/7.

The system that’s been installed at MediaCity is a great example of what can be achieved when working closely alongside the end user and integrator. We’ve combined video, audio and on-board analytics to deliver a comprehensive solution that has met all of our objectives. Safety has been improved and ongoing maintenance costs reduced. Real-time alerts mean the security team can make live security decisions. In short, we’ve helped MediaCity become even safer and smarter.
David Needham
Axis Communications
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At the huge broadcast site "MediaCIty" in Manchester a new CCTV IP technology is installed. A great example on what can be achived when Axis works together with the end-user and the consultant to install IP-cameras, audio and analytics. Cost of ownership as well as the Lightfinder and Zipstream technology, are some of the key reasons for choosing Axis.

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