Security 101 personnel in bucket truck installing camera on building

Cameras help curtail rash of burglaries in industrial complex.

Organization: Security 101
Location: Canton, Michigan, United States
Customer need: Property and asset protection
Canton, Michigan, United States, 

Axis network cameras deliver sharp detail to identify thieves and assist law enforcement for local security provider.


The Canton, Michigan, industrial complex where Security 101 is located has a history of burglary sprees that see thieves periodically targeting multiple businesses in the area and making off with tools, equipment and even trailers. Despite several companies having cameras installed, none had been able to capture high-quality footage that could aid police in apprehending suspects.


Prior to moving into its current facility, Security 101 installed multiple cameras on the exterior of its 8,000-square-foot warehouse and office facility for demonstration purposes. These included an AXIS Q6055 PTZ Network Camera mounted on a pole at the rear of the building and an AXIS A8004-VE Network Video Door Station installed at a side door to monitor those visiting and exiting the parking area.


The cameras proved valuable following a series of burglaries that included the theft of equipment from a Security 101 trailer. Thanks to the quality and placement of the Axis cameras, the company was able to capture high-quality footage of the thieves who were behind the spree and provide that footage to police, who were able to connect the suspects to additional crimes in the surrounding communities. Additionally, following these incidents, there has been a decrease in the number of crimes in the industrial park.

It’s all about having the right cameras in the right places. Otherwise, you just have a bunch of cameras, and you’re not going to be able to catch anyone.
Nathan Zatucke
Managing Partner, Security 101

A big difference for a security firm

Located in an industrial park about 35 miles west of Detroit is the Canton, Michigan, franchise of nationwide security provider Security 101. The 8,000-square-foot facility consists of office and warehouse space, and the company has outfitted the space with surveillance cameras and other security equipment set up for demonstration and training purposes.

According to Nathan Zatucke, Managing Partner for Security 101, businesses in the industrial complex periodically experience break-ins, with multiple companies being victimized in a short span of time. Knowing about the history of burglaries in the area, the company installed cameras around the exterior of its facility when it moved in. Zatucke also notified police that their cameras would likely be able to assist in the investigation of future crimes, which eventually proved to be the case.

Night time surveillance photo taken from video of theft

To catch a thief

One night, someone broke into a trailer on the property where the company stores gardening equipment, stealing two industrial blowers, a weed whacker and an edger. Footage captured by an AXIS Q6055 PTZ Network Camera showed a male and female pulling up in a minivan just after midnight, cutting the locks and departing about 3 minutes later with the stolen goods.

When the driver drove out of the parking lot, an AXIS A8004-VE Network Video Door Station installed to monitor the parking lot was able to capture a closeup image that provided much greater detail about the pair and their vehicle, which was then passed along to police.

Over the next several days, a handful of other businesses and parked cars on the same street were also burglarized. After talking with one of those neighboring businesses, Zatucke reviewed footage from an external camera that showed the same minivan turning the corner in front of the company’s facility. Another camera captured the individuals entering and exiting the places that had been burglarized.

While the couple wore masks and covered their license plate in an attempt to avoid detection, they didn’t realize they might not be able to see every camera. Just as before, clear, high-quality images of the individuals and their vehicle were captured by Security 101’s video door station.

“I’m sure they thought that even if they were seen on camera, no one would know who it was. But it was clear from the video that it was the same people who’d broken into our trailer,” Zatucke says. “Once again, the door station got the best view because it’s at car level, not up high, looking down. So when they drove by, we were able to get a visual of them. They thought they knew where the cameras would be, but they weren’t expecting that.”

The right cameras make the difference

A couple years earlier, one of Security 101’s neighbors had a dump trailer stolen from their property. As was the case this time around, the thieves were caught on camera. Unlike the most recent case, it was impossible to gather any details from the video, despite the plethora of cameras installed around that company’s site.

“They had cameras all over the building, but they were the wrong cameras,” Zatucke says. “You can have all the cameras in the world, but if you can’t get the level of detail you need, you don’t really solve much of anything.”

After the burglaries were captured on camera, police were able to link the individuals to other crime sprees in the surrounding area. Zatucke says the rash of incidents stopped almost immediately after the thieves’ images were captured on video.

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